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What Is Debtors Anonymous?

Debtors Anonymous is a fellowship of people who have a shared desire to stop incurring new unsecured debt. We define unsecured debt as any debt not backed up by some form of collateral, like a house or a car.

This desire to stop debting is the only requirement for membership in DA. We have neither membership dues nor fees for the support our members offer one another. We welcome anyone to attend our open meetings.

For people whose use of unsecured debt has caused a variety of problems and has made their lives unmanageable, DA offers a program that works. In DA meetings, our members share their experience, strength, and hope, and we help each other to not incur new unsecured debt one day at a time.

DA members offer direct support to each other through sponsorship and service. Ultimately, it’s debtors helping debtors.


What Is Business Debtors Anonymous?

Business Debtors Anonymous (BDA) is a distinct and dynamic but not separate part of DA, created to focus on the recovery of members of the fellowship who are business owners. Together, members of BDA support one another in applying the DA principles and tools when owning and running a business. 

However, as part of DA, there is no separate membership for attending Business Debtors Anonymous meetings. As it states in DA’s 3rd Tradition, "the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt." This applies to both personal and professional debt. It is understood that paying bills for goods and services rendered according to agreed-upon terms does not constitute debting.





With an Amendment from Sunday BDA Phone

In modern times, BDA membership includes not only business owners, but also independent contractors and the self-employed. If you attend this or other BDA meetings, you will also hear members who are in management and sales positions, using the DA principles and BDA Tools to bring their recovery and spirituality into their work lives. Plus so many artists and writers and musicians. Oh, my!


Some BDA members are retired, or on fixed incomes for other reasons, and are working to develop multiple streams of income, some active income streams and some passive. Last but not least, BDA is home to countless members who have an idea or an inspiration for a business or simply a desire to be a business owner and are growing spiritually as they prepare to take new actions in pursuit of their visions.


All the DA members described here, and many more, are welcome to attend BDA meetings. Once more, because it's one of our most important DA and BDA principles, "The only requirement for DA membership is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt." In our experience, every BDA meeting is a DA meeting, but not every DA meeting is a BDA meeting. 





What Is Sunday BDA Phone?

Now in our 16th year of service to the DA and BDA fellowship, we (Sunday BDA phone group # 968) are the hosts of a weekly BDA phone meeting, 8-9pm Eastern US time on Sundays, and other BDA activities.


BDA meetings and recovery include an additional set of practical and spiritual tools especially developed for business owners and the self-employed, including artists and other creatives, as well as professional services and countless other occupations. For many of us, it was through failed business pursuits that we found ourselves out of control financially. DA and BDA have given us new meaning and purpose and provide us with a peace of mind we never imagined possible.


Ours is an open Business Debtors Anonymous (BDA) meeting focusing alternately on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, on BDA Additional Tools, and on fifth Sundays on the DA Concepts of Service. Once a month we have a speaker share experience, strength, and hope on a specific Step. On other weeks we read from the DA 12x12x12 on a Step, Tradition, or Concept. On the third week of each month there is a 15-minute business meeting. On the fourth week, we read from the BDA Tools pamphlet.


Come read and share with us!


Statement of Confidentiality

At BDA we practice anonymity, the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions. Anonymity means that BDA members do not reveal the names of anyone we see or hear at meetings nor what is shared at meetings, allowing us freedom of expression. Anonymity works by assuring that what we say at meetings or to other BDA members at any time will not be repeated. Anonymity protects all members from identification as compulsive debtors and provides the assurance that what we share will not be repeated.




Sunday BDA Meeting Readings

During our weekly BDA phone meetings, we seek the widest possible participation, including the need for four readers each week. Click on the images below to open downloadable and printable versions of the DA and BDA readings we use. By clicking on those images, you can also immediately open the readings on your device of choice. You may even be able to expand the images until they are readable. So many options!


Are you looking for our Business Meeting agenda. Click here!

Script for our Newcomer Greeter, approved by group in April 2020:

Hello! My name is ___________.  I'm a member of BDA and/or DA and your Newcomer Greeter tonight. This meeting requires Newcomer Greeters to have at least 30 days of not incurring any new unsecured debt and to have had at least one PRG. I am here to support newcomers to 12-Step recovery from compulsive debting.  

First: We recommend  beginners go to debtorsanonymous.org, click on GETTING STARTED on the top left, watch the video, and check out all topics in the drop-down menu.

Second: Attend as many meetings in 30 days as possible phone, in-person, or online  identify yourself as a newcomer and take the risk of asking for help. We are here to pass on what has so generously been given to us.


We have about 10 minutes. Who would like to ask a question or make a comment?  

2020_11_01 - BDA Phone script (some tech
2020_11_01 - BDA Phone script (some tech
2020_11_01 - BDA Phone script (some tech
2019_08_19 - Sunday BDA Phone readings_P
2019_08_19 - Sunday BDA Phone readings_P
2019_08_19 - Sunday BDA Phone readings_P
2019_08_19 - Sunday BDA Phone readings_P
2019_08_19 - Sunday BDA Phone readings_P

Practicing DA's 7th Tradition

This meeting has no dues or fees for BDA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. By participating in 7th Tradition we enjoy the privilege of giving back what has so generously been given to us. We collect contributions to cover expenses for our general fund, used for our group needs, such as outreach materials and support of the DA and BDA service structure.


Please use the 7th Tradition buttons at the top of our home page or in the footer of every page of this website if you would like to make a donation to our general fund electronically. If you prefer to physically mail your contribution, please request the mailing address via sundaybdaphone@yahoo.com. Please attend our business meetings to hear our monthly Treasurer’s reports. And visit here for access to previous months' Treasurer's reports.

If you are making a donation to a fundraising event, please see and use the 7th Tradition button below and be sure to include a note for our Treasurer's information.


Sunday BDA Phone Events

In addition to our weekly BDA Phone meetings, we also host special BDA events. We do this primarily to support our fellow DAers and BDAers in practicing our program Principles and Tools, which is the only thing we've found to lead to long-term recovery from compulsive debting.


Our secondary reason for hosting these events is to support the BDA Intergroup Startup Project (registered group # 13017) in providing free conference-approved literature to BDA newcomers and members who request it, along with doing outreach to still-suffering debtors.

We have one upcoming BDA recovery event: two or our home group members will be presenting a 6-part workshop on BDA Tool Two. The flyer below was approved at our November 2020 business meeting and is ready for distribution.


In the meantime, please visit Group Event Recordings to hear recordings of other events hosted in 2019 and 2020. Enjoy!

2020_2021 - Sunday BDA Phone Business Pl

If this event is approved, please use the button below to contribute to this fundraiser and add a note saying "BDA Tool Two," or "workshop donation," or something similar, so that our Treasurer will know to earmark these funds for donation to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project (registered group # 13017) as earmarked funds for conference-approved DA and BDA literature sent to BDA newcomers and members who request it, at no cost to them, as well as supporting various outreach projects.

2021_CycleOne - Lets Do BDA Together Fly

The flyer below is for a 26-part workshop series hosted by one of our long-time home group members, with 12 guest speakers and lots of help from participants. Please visit BDA Workshops (registered group # 122319) and consider subscribing to receive more information.


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