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Business Meetings: 3rd Sundays

4:30-5pm Pacific

7:30-8pm Eastern


Sunday BDA Basic Business Meeting Agenda

We hold our business meetings from 7:30-8:00pm Eastern, before our regular BDA meeting time, on the 3rd Sunday of every month, using the following scripted agenda, and lead by our Business Meeting Chair:

We’ll now switch to our business meeting for the next 15 minutes. The 9th tool of DA states in part “...participation in running our own program teaches us how our organization operates, and also helps us to become responsible for our own recovery.”  We use Robert’s Rules of Order to help lead our Business Meetings. As always, Tradition 2 guides us: "For our group purpose, there is but one Ultimate Authority, a Loving God as God may express himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but Trusted Servants, they do not govern." Business meeting agenda:


1. Ask timekeeper to give time checks at three 5-minute intervals for a total of 15 minutes.

2. Open with Serenity Prayer.


3. Ask Business Meeting Record Keeper to read minutes from previous month. Ask if there are amendments or objections to approving the minutes. If no objections, state “the minutes have been approved.”


4. Ask Treasurer to give financial report from previous month. Ask if there are amendments or objections to approving the report. If no objections, state “the Treasurer’s report has been approved.”


5. Share an itemized agenda for the current business meeting. Make sure participants know how to contribute items to the agenda for the next and future months.


6. Service positions should always be filled first. 


7. Address old business.


8. Address new business. 


9. Close with Serenity Prayer as close to 9pm as possible and give meeting back to Meeting Chair.

Minutes for Review and Approval

Minutes submitted by our Business Meeting Record Keeper, including open agenda items for future business meetings, from previous month. Minutes will be read aloud, reviewed, and approved with or without amendments at our next business meeting. Click on any of the images below to open a single pdf, including all pages of the notes.

2020-8-16 Sunday BDA Phone Business Meet

Treasurer's Report for Review and Approval

Report submitted by our Treasurer from previous month, usually available by the 10th of the current month. Report will be read aloud, reviewed, and approved with or without amendments at our next business meeting, often including financial recommendations from Treasurer for future months. Previous month's report, although approved, will remain here until replaced, maintaining this space. Click on either image below to open a single pdf, including both pages of the report.


Sunday BDA Group Inventory

We performed a wonderful and productive BDA group inventory this year. With the help of our moderator, not a member of our group, we developed our own inventory questions:

1. What are the principles by which all DA groups function, including our BDA group? 

2. From the Fifth Tradition, what is our BDA group's message?

3. Do we stay focused on our singleness of purpose?

4. Are we, as a group, open to change? Are we flexible and open to new ideas?

5. Is our meeting format working for us and attracting new members? 

6. What are the special challenges we face as a phone meeting? How are we handling those challenges?

7. Are there changes we would like to make to our group or meetings? What are they and why?

8. Are there things we would hate to see change about our group or meetings? What are they and why?

9. Are we serving the newcomers who attend our meetings? How would we know? Are they coming back? 

10. Are we living up to self-support and voluntary contributions — in terms of both money and service — as described in the 7th Tradition?


11. Are we filling our open positions with qualified candidates? If no, why not? 

12. Do we want to create positions for Intergroup Rep and Public Information Rep? If yes, how will we accomplish this?

13. Is there anything we have not yet discussed based on the questions above?

Rather than making decisions, which was not the purpose of the inventory, or suggestions to the group, we framed our inventory results in terms of questions with context, which we are now working through with our group via monthly business meetings. For more information, download our complete group inventory report.

16th Anniversary Event for Review and Approval

The flyer below contains all the details related to a 16th anniversary gratitude event for our group. This event is being proposed by our group's workshop planning committee. Please send questions, comments, and concerns to sundaybdaphone@gmail.com.

2020_10_25 - Sunday BDA Phone 16th Anniv

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